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We feel privileged that you have taken the time to explore PGS and the career of gunsmithing. Take your time and explore the many pages and pictures offered here to give you a sense of what the career is all about.

Exciting things are happening today in gunsmithing. Years ago only the firearm factories offered gunsmithing services to the public. This notion is comparable to buying a car from a dealer, then having to drive to the manufacturer to have it serviced.

Today, gunsmithing services are performed by sole proprietors, small LLC’s, sporting goods retailers and big box stores. Emerging all over the country are indoor shooting ranges and each one of these facilities needs a gunsmith to maintain their rental guns and upgrading customer purchases. They are also finding that shooters will spend money on gunsmithing services and on custom firearms!

Opportunities for the field are growing as large retailers are recognizing the potential revenue-producing effect gunsmithing has on their business. This leads to many job opportunities available as a gunsmith.

If you like to work with your hands, use your mind to creatively solve problems and would enjoy combining your love of guns with a rewarding career, then the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School℠ is the way to start. Why not go to work each morning being excited about what challenges you’ll face that day? Imagine the sense of pride and accomplishment of a job well done and the joy of handing another person their prized possession back – All in a day’s work as a modern day gunsmith.

Would you like to begin a career that will challenge and excite you? There are so many facets and skills to be mastered in the gunsmithing field that a lifetime is not long enough to learn them all. Training at PGS will give you the opportunity to enter the gunsmithing profession with a solid foundation in the field. Our school curriculum and program have been developed, updated and refined over a 68-year period, proving that PGS has experience in providing the right education to strengthen your employability as a gunsmith anywhere in the world. Why not become one of the many respected PGS graduates that love their job?