The Master Gunsmithing Program™ at the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School℠ is an all-encompassing, intense program of study that is concentrated into approximately 16 months of instruction. Our program begins with basic instruction in gun repair and expands to more detailed instruction on different types of firearms and custom work to build skills that successful gunsmiths use in the field each day. 

During our program, students will learn skills such as bluing and finishing, custom stockmaking, machine work, rebarreling, basic heat treating, and business and customer relations. Instead of a strictly classroom-style instructional setting, the Master Gunsmithing Program™ is taught in a shop setting to model what a gunsmith would experience in their job. As such, we do not require liberal arts courses in subjects like English, math or history as they are not practical for our program and take valuable time away from students. After completing instruction, graduates will leave the school with a portfolio of their work to showcase their abilities to employers.

In addition to regular curriculum review by school officials, the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School℠ consults a Program Advisory Committee, which is comprised of a team of employers and highly accomplished gunsmiths who meet twice a year to review curriculum and provide valuable advice on what should be included in each of the courses so that students’ education reflects what is needed to succeed in today’s gunsmithing industry.

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