About Pennsylvania Gunsmith School®

Exciting things are happening today in Gunsmithing. If you like to work with your hands, use your mind to creatively solve problems and would enjoy combining your love of guns with a rewarding career, then the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School® is the way to start.

The Pennsylvania Gunsmith School® is a private post-secondary educational institution located in the Pittsburgh suburb of Avalon, Pennsylvania. Founded in 1949, PGS has provided hundreds of students with a superior education in Gunsmithing and Gunsmithing-related fields.

Our Master Gunsmithing Program® takes approximately 16 months to complete. During this time, students learn technical skills such as welding, stock making, and use of related machinery. Because we are not a college, students’ time is focused entirely on gunsmithing. There are no general education or liberal arts courses offered at the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School®, because we feel that such courses would take away valuable time from learning gunsmithing skills.

Also, because of the complexity of firearms and the hands-on nature of Gunsmithing, the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School® does not offer online or correspondence courses. Our instruction is focused on hands-on, laboratory work. Our instructors work closely with students so that each individual develops a holistic understanding of the lessons and graduates qualified to enter a rewarding Gunsmithing career.

If you are interested in Gunsmithing and enjoy technical work, the Pennsylvania Gunsmith School® provides a solid foundation for a career that will challenge and excite you. Our graduates are employed in many environments, from large corporations to small gun shops, and are located all over the world.

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