Our School

PGS facilities undergo constant upgrades and improvements to assure students have the highest quality equipment to perform the highest quality work. The school is located in Avalon borough, a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Avalon is a quaint older community with a lot of history behind it. Housing opportunities are nearby and many sports and cultural activities are within an easy drive.

The school building consists of a stand-alone structure and is approximately 10,500 square feet. It’s much larger than it appears from the front and has an upper and lower level. The building houses:

Upper Level

  • Large workshop consisting of workbenches and vises for each student
  • Machine shop with more than a dozen lathes and several milling machines
  • Ancillary rooms for bluing, parkerizing, hot rusting, welding, buffing, and polishing, media blasting
  • Large group instruction classroom housing learning devices such as black/whiteboards, projectors, Videography
  • A school store for tools and material available for purchase
  • A well-equipped tool room full of specialty tools available for student use
  • Library Resource Center
  • Student use desktop computer and printer
  • Administrative, Admissions, Financial Aid offices

Lower Level

  • Large workshop consisting of workbenches and vises for each student
  • Woodworking shop with lathes, mills, drill presses, heat treat oven
  • Alternative finishes spray booth and curing ovens
  • Ancillary rooms for sanding, grinding and with a jointer, a table saw and vertical saws
  • Large group instruction classroom

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