March 17, 2016

American Pistol Smith Guild member and Brownells tech, Mike Watkins visits PGS to conduct a one week course on the 1911 build

Fifteen PGS honors students who had earned a grade Point average exceeding 3.0 and excellent school attendance were permitted to attend the Brownells 1911 build course and receive credit toward their Semester IV projects. As a result of hard work and excellent craftsmanship in the class, one student has been hired by Turnbull Restorations to…

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Brownells Conducts Alternative Finishes Seminar at PGS on September 29 to October 3, 2014


PGS was pleased to welcome Brownells Gunsmithing Tech Staff members to conduct an optional seminar made available to students who achieve specific GPA and attendance percentages. The seminar addresses proper application of Alternative Finishing techniques and is offered periodically to PGS students. “We’re grateful to Brownells for bringing their expertise to our classroom,” said PGS…

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