March 26, 2021

Introduction to Engraving

Pennsylvania Gunsmith School® is proud to announce the addition and integration of Engraving to Semester II of the program. We have been working with the best in the industry for over two years to bring this to life.’s Tira Mitchell and Master Engraver Brian Powley have partnered with us to introduce metal engraving to the students. Using the new Pulse Graver system the students will learn the basics of tool sharpening, layout and basic engraving.  Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram to see updates of the students work!



“Brian Powley is an official member of our instructional team. Its been a long road to finalizing our desire to have engraving as part of the Master Gunsmithing Program® and Brian brings incredible talent to the table. Not only is Brian one of the best engravers in the world and has been recognized with many awards, he has an unsatisfiable desire to teach others the artistry and skill of engraving. My great uncle, A.W. Thacker, who was originally a jewelry salesman, jeweler and engraver would be proud. Since A.W. and the Chief spent so much time in the field and on the bench, I am sure the Chief is proud as well! Brian has a fun loving personality and is very outgoing and he will make a valuable member to this incredible team.
Thanks Brian for coming on board with us!” -BT